Sash Windows

My house is over 100 years old. Recently I found five sash windows with broken sash cords. I tried to contact a few people for help. However, the outcome was I was very disappointed. So I searched online with repairing sash windows, and found only a couple of contact details. I called Old School Carpentry. Surprisingly, I received a prompt response from Darren. Darren came in and fixed the windows shortly. I am happy with the job he has done and would like to recommend him to anyone that need this help.

Thanks Darren. Keep up all the good work!

Testimonial from: Wendy  - Ashfield

Date received: 11/12/2010

Sash Windows

I had two sash windows serviced by Darren. They had been painted shut by the previous owners and looked like they hadn't been opened for several years. I had unsuccessfully tried for weeks to force them open.

Darren stripped the sashes, balanced the weights, which had become unbalanced over time when the glass was changed, replaced the wood that was damaged and lubricated the pulleys. Now the windows open easily and smoothly - at last! Watching Darren work, his passion for his craft is obvious, and I recommend his services to anyone who would like heritage work done on their home.

Testimonial from: Eve  - Earlwood

Date received: 4/12/2010

Sash Windows

Old school carpentry did a superb job on my house taking great care in the process of renovating my sliding sash windows. I would happily recommend old school to anyone, thanks again Darren.

Testimonial from: Stacey C  - Balmain

Date received: 14/11/2010

Sash Windows

A big thank you to Darren for your expertise on unsticking and recording my 60 year old sash windows. for an extremely reasonable price I can operate my windows with my little finger! and after Darren carefully weighed and rebalanced the pulleys, no more slamming shut windows either.

Testimonial from: Chris  - Gymea

Date received: 8/11/2010

Sash Windows

Having lived with painted shut windows for the last 10 years, we were so glad to have found Darren from old school carpentry. we had some shonky chaps come before Darren who were so called 'strata experts' who promised us this and that, all we had to show at the end after a string of excuses was a large bill and windows we still couldn't use because they "were impossible to fix" and "had to be replaced" apparently....
Darren arrived on the day and time he said and cheerfully and expertly repaired our (impossible to repair) double hung windows, replacing the old springs with top quality new ones, all inside a day with little mess.

Testimonial from: Dave  - Cronulla

Date received: 10/10/2010

Sash Windows

Old School Carpentry did a wonderful job unsticking my old sash windows, Darren carefully dismantled the whole window, refitted the cords and adjusted the balances, so no more slamming shut windows! All the painted shut windows now operate effortlessly and I can now enjoy a cool breeze in these hot days.

I would happily recommend Darren’s professional and reasonably priced service to anyone.

Testimonial from: Beck  - Miranda

Date received: 16/10/2010

Home Renovation

I have been fortunate to have had a genuine craftsman assist in the renovation of our southern suburbs two storey home. Darren was the lead carpenter and worked on all aspects of our extensive renovation, including roof trusses, walls, windows, timber floors and intricate decorative timbers. Darren was fastidious in his attention to detail, he was reliable, professional and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone interested in achieving a quality result.

Testimonial from: Stephen C  - Sylvania Heights.

Date received: 13/10/2010