Sash window with previous faulty repair job fixed and repaired properly

sash cord pocket in sash window frame

Pulling sash cord through pocket in the side of the window frame

sash window counter weight calculations

Weighing the old original counter weights that came with the window. They do not give the correct balance so Darren will replace them with custom made counterweights of his own.

weighing sash window

Weighing the window to calculate correct counterbalance weight ratio to keep the window safely up while at the same time giving the residents manageable smooth functioning weighted window motion.

preparing counter weight

Getting a counter weight ready for action with the sash window.

sash cord for sash window put into place

Getting a sash cord into position on the window.

counter weight assessment

Assessing one of the counter weights.

cleaning out mess from someones repair work

Cleaning up wooden mess from not so good previous repair job on window.

damaged wood from a previous repair

Showing more damage from previous repair job.

counter weights

These are newly made sash window counter weights custom made for Darren, so that he can give the correct counter weight balance for any sash windows. Replacing the old counter weights completely.

sash window reapir completed

Completed sash window repair by Darren. All photos were donated by the property owner.