Cleaning up a total mess from previous not so handy sash window repair job. Darren used traditional carpentry and joinery skills and techniques to succesfully repair what some carpenters would have seen as impossible windows to fix

glass pane needing new bottom in window to hold it in

Showing top sash in lowered position (behind). Through years of neglect the bottom section had completely rotted away and fallen off, leaving the pane of glass ready to slip out and lacerate someone's fingers!

window in needing parts

Another window which was previously botched up, which had no pockets, stop bead, parting bead or pulleys left.

glass removed from window for safety reasons

The existing state of this window was terrible and extremely dangerous, I have removed the loose glass here for safety.

pulley's for sash windows

New brass sash window pulley's

sash window in need of sash cord relacement

Broken sash cord.

window needing a sash meeting rail

Snapped sash cord and completely missing top sash meeting rail.

wood on side of window needing custom replacement

Spot the missing part?

parts needed for this sash window

Missing pocket and meeting rail.

hand made sash window meeting rail, made by carpenter Darren Stewart

A new sash meeting rail. I have machined and cut new tenons on site.

hand crafted stub tenon in full view

New section showing stub tenon.

sash window meeting rail, finished and glued into position

New custom made meeting rail, glued and wedged into existing top sash, the same way it has been done for hundreds of years.

sash window reglazed with glass back in where it should be

The finished sash window reglazed.

This sash window should have lots of opening and shutting left in it after this repair

The repaired sash window ready for another 100 years use.

hand made sash window meeting rail from another view

The old meets the new.

this sash window repair is done

The meeting rails come together perfectly and once painted it will be impossible to tell the difference. We saved this sash window from being put out for garbage collection and have given it a new lease of life and saved the home owner money and hassle.