A typical sash window ready for repair by the sash window specialist, Darren

window frame

No parting beads were present,  apparently for many years.

chiseling side of window

Removing old sash cord and fixings.

window sill in need of serious repair

Fairly bad rot at sill from years of neglect, Old School Carpentry can make and install a new custom hand crafted window sill should you so desire.

sash window, sash chord pockets opened

Mid repair, pockets removed.

sashing a sash window

Sashes removed and then window recorded in the traditional sash window method.

sash chord threading

A sash cord ready to be threaded through pulleys, using a traditional 'mouse' just like the 'old school carpenters' would have done.

sash window counter weight

Cast iron sash counter weight , traditionally knotted, by the 'old school carpenter.

stop bead install

New custom made stop beads installed to replace existing, missing or damaged one's.

parting beads

New custom made parting bead, to match existing, but in one piece rather than the one it replaced which had been spit and broken and refitted by a previous handyman.

sash window fixed

Both the above and below photos show the fixed window, ready for a painter to give the now professionally fixed windows a nice coat of paint.

repaired window from different angle