New Sash Windows, made and fitted

A big thank you to Darren from old school carpentry! My mother hasn't been able to open most of her double hung windows for many years and of the few she can, one recently broke a sash and another came crashing down breaking the glass pane! The worst of the bunch actually had a gaping whole right through it, which I have been filling with body filler for years.

I took matters into my own hands and organized for Darren to come and effect repairs. We agreed a price straight away over the phone which surprised me, as I would have thought an inspection would have Been required to at least measure the glass and measure the rotten frame for a new one.

Testimonial from: Details Coming Shortly...

Date received: December 2013

Home Window Sound Proofing

We had all our windows sound proofed by Darren at Old School, this involved changing the glass and all the beading. What a difference! Darren used drop sheets everywhere and was careful, polite and friendly.

Very happy customer.

Testimonial from: John F  - Mosman

Date received: October 2013

Sash Windows

Many thanks. You did a wonderful job at a reasonable rate. We are very pleased. Thanks

Testimonial from: Simon N  - NSW

Date received: October 2013

Sash Windows

We had bought a federation house, which was mostly original, but had ghastly aluminium windows installed at the front, I really didn't care for them.

After having the run around by another sash window man, who I actually don't think was up to the job, we finally found Old school. He removed the aluminium frames, repaired the parts they had, literally 'ripped out' and installed lovely lead light frames we managed to acquire ourselves. it was actually a joy to watch him custom make different parts out of beautiful cedar, to make the whole thing 'work' and look right, as I think the sizes were a bit off.

Thanks Darren

Testimonial from: Mel  - Bexley North

Date received: July 2013

Sash Window Overhaul

Having had my windows condemned by a few builders and even some other 'sash window specialists', Darren quickly and easily replaced the sills on our windows and some of the side parts too, he also made up new frames which I've learned are actually called 'sashes' I'd always thought that was the rope! There was no bog and no boarding up, and it was actually Darren who did all the work himself! I felt a lot more comfortable with that actually.

Great job! I'd recommend Old School Carpentry to anyone.

Testimonial from: Jenny  - Marrickville

Date received: April 2013