Frequently Asked Questions about Sash Window Repairs

If you were looking for our sash window repair prices, they are here. See our three varieties of sash window repair packages. We can also custom cater, to your sash window or carpentry requirements.

Q. Can you repair our windows and do you need to come and inspect first?

A. Yes, we certainly can repair your windows, but as for coming and inspecting first, that is probably not needed. Why? Because, I do this work day in, day out, meaning, normally a brief description is all that I need, as I have been doing this work for over 26 years! I will (usually) be able to discern, from what you tell me, the more unusual jobs, that would need an inspection.

Q. Are you sure you've been doing this work for as long as you say? I was expecting someone older...

A. Thanks!! I've had disbelieving looks from customers, “you don't seem old enough“ etc. Whilst this is complimentary, it's also a bit insulting! You can ask to see my credentials and references! If you think I'm fibbing, lol.

Q. Will my windows be like brand new?

A. Of course not! They will however, work very well, work as good or perhaps even better than, when they were originally installed (some times!). They will also be safe, and likely last for many years to come.

Q. Will I need to paint my windows before or after you're finished?

A. It is very likely, and recommended. However, I have on many occasions, due to the condition of the paint and my working practices, 're-corded' windows, where it is almost impossible to tell, that the windows had been touched! Except of course for their slick operation.

Q. How much is it really going to cost me? I've spoken to others and it seems to be a lottery! Extra for this, that and the next thing!

A. My prices are, and have always been, clearly spelled out. Simply put, you're covered for new cords, any beads (that I decide! should be changed), that are rotted or had been reinstalled in 50 pieces before top up weights (up to 3-4 pounds) and spot glazing, I've always done this BTW

Q. I think my windows are really bad, can you make me new ones?

A. Sure, but you may be surprised at what I've repaired/partially replaced, but it's always your decision.

Q. Will it take very long? I work too...

A. It really takes as long as it takes! Some jobs are easy, some are hard, and others are in between. As a rule of thumb, I can do 6-8 of my 'teachers pet' sash window packages a day or 4 x 'prefect' packages or two 'headmasters choice' packages a day on average. This does vary though, i.e. access-condition of your windows and other factors.

Q. Do I need to take time off work?

A. That's up to you, but I'm more than happy to work away on my own! I mainly work on my own, rarely employing family and never hiring 'randoms' of Gumtree! Your home will be respected, drop sheeted and always left secure, just hide the biscuit tin! :D

Q. I've had a quote from another chap, who's a lot cheaper, will you match or beat his price?

A. No, get him.

Q. I've had my windows repaired by a guy who's a lot cheaper

They were terrible! He didn't use any extra weights and has tried to install beading, really tightly, to stop the windows slipping down. He also broke the beads taking them out, and has just 'stuck' them back in! Can you help?

A. Sure, I'll book you in.