We supply and install top quality shutters at the best prices!

Please note: Although other quality shutters are available at significantly cheaper prices, Old School Carpentry will not waste your money on rubbish, so please don't ask us to quote these, in your best interest we won't touch them.

Plantation shutters standard range



Very nice clean finish, very stable and ideal in bathrooms etc.


It's plastic, and thus has a bit more flex than timber. Comes in fewer colours.

Engineered Basswood


Our most popular shutter!

Stable strong construction and available in many finishes


Some minor surface cracks may appear (as in any painted timber product) can be affected by moisture in bathrooms etc.

Western Red Cedar


Excellent product, very stable, great for natural timber look or external use.


Higher cost, timber is soft and will scratch and dent easily.

Plantation shutters premium selection

SUNTOUGH © Shutters


This is an extremely high quality product that has a thick, solid resin, coating that has been shown to resist surface cracking and will have no colour deterioration.

Manufacturer offers a 'life time' guarantee.


A lot more expensive.

The product is only half the battle

proper installation is a major factor in your expensive investment! Most of the companies offering plantation shutters are blind and window covering companies. They do not have qualified tradesmen, only blind installers or 'handymen'. If they claim any further 'trade' than this, they should be able to provide a current trade license with a number attached, i.e. for example mine (Darren Stewart) is Licence No.220274C.

I can not emphasize this enough, would you go to the Mercedes dealership, spend a fortune on all the quality parts, then call up a gardener who does a bit of 'handiwork' to install them, just something to think about.

Darren Stewart will back up his qualifications

Darren Stewart Proprietor of AAA Old School Carpentry, will back up all of his claims of relevant carpentry experience and qualifications on request, will your local self professed expert?


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